Apostolic Evangelists preaching the One God Jesus Name, Acts 2:38 Message.
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Children's Evangelist
Craig Cooper


 I am Craig W. Cooper from Fort Walton Beach Fl.  I am open for Kids Crusades, and use stage illusion gimmicks, and many object lessons to evangelize youth. I have been using this ministry since 1976 on and off.   I was mentored by Bro. Robert Sparks . Having a repairman's background, I am a Handyman, with plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting , and Drywall skills.   I can do home projects or Church projects by day for 4/ 5 hours and preach or teach for evening services.   I teach Creational Science and have many fossils to show the Flood of Noah.  I was born in New Rochelle, New York on December 13, 1944. I have been a Home Mission Pastor in two cities for an accumulated 18 years.  I was in the Air Force during The Vietnam War when God filled me with the Holy Ghost, and have had my 52 spiritual birthday on April 27th.  If any of these talents could be a blessing unto you, Call or contact me:



God Speed unto All

Bro. Cooper


Fort Walton Beach, Fl


Email: cwcoopwer44@yahoo.com
Phone: 850-281-5586


Children's Evangelist
Kids Crusades
Creational Science

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