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Jonathan Akers


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Are You Moved By the Word?
My heart is heavy as I see a generation that is no longer moved by Calvary.   A generation so jaded that the sacrifice of Christ does not bring a tear to their eye.  What happened to the hearts of “Christians?” when they read of the love of God they feel nothing, and do nothing about it.  We live in a generation that relationships have been poisoned by hollywood, social media and romance novels. It is time that we fall to our knees and get back to the roots of Pentecost.   Searching the Word of God so that we will know Him for ourselves. Praying and seeking for a personal relationship with God.  It is time for our generation to rise up and to fall in love with Jesus.  It is time to fall in love with the Word of God and with prayer.  It is time to start letting God break up the stony parts of our hearts and turn them into fleshly tablets so that he can write His word on them.  It is time to let God move our spirits and our emotions.  Let’s get back to the blood and the cross. Pleading the blood in prayer and preaching the power of the cross.  I challenge this Generation to soften your hearts so you can be moved by God and His word.  Pray without ceasing and develop a personal relationship with God.  Surround yourselves with like minded believers and let God direct you through the preaching of the word.  In conclusion let us be a generation that is sensitive to the Holy Ghost and passionate about the mission of saving a lost and dying world.  A generation that is waging war on our knees.
By Evangelist Jonathan Akers

Ephesians 4:12

 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:


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